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Rock Racing Jersey and Shorts Review
By Frank Sarate,

11/5/08 - I recently had the opportunity to try some of the Rock Racing clothing (jersey, bibs, and socks). First off, I want to give props to Rock Racing for sponsoring a team and events at the level they do. They truly have a good marketing presence and it doesn’t hurt that the average Joe can use the same equipment and clothing as the Rock Racing Pro Team.

After tearing the clothing tags off, I got dressed and headed out for a ride on the hottest part of the day.  I was a little worried, as the clothes were mainly black. However, to my surprise they were very comfy, if not the most comfortable clothing I have worn. The wicking from the dual density material helps keep you cool on any hot day, even in black.

The cut in the arms is extremely comfortable, as well as all the other panels on the jersey and bibs. The stitching is impeccable throughout the jersey and bibs. After wearing the bibs for several hours, the chamois choice is spot on and is very comfortable. The cut of the panels on the shorts were also spot on. One other thing worth noting is that these clothes are manufactured in the US. 

The quality is outstanding!  Every thing from the choice of the chamois and the stitching and material have been well thought out. It doesn’t hurt to have one of the best Pro teams giving valuable feedback on the clothing, so the consumer can get the best possible fit for their riding comfort. The graphics are off the hook and give you the feeling you should be riding some bad ass Harley instead of a 16 lb road bike with shaved legs and crazy farmer tan.

After logging in a 4 hour ride for the day, from the moment I put the clothes on, everything fit just as pro clothing should and there was no adjusting of anything.

I don’t know why more clothing companies don’t use the grippers on the jersey like the Rock clothing does, accept maybe it is more expensive. The Bibs shorts use a sturdy but comfortable mesh for the bib part of the shorts and have a convenient  little pocket stitched to the to the back of the bibs for an iPod or radio.  The style of the grippers they use for the bibs are very comfortable. The lycra hanging slightly over the grippers felt a little odd at first, but became unnoticeable one I was on the road.

The Rock Racing socks are very tall, which seems to be in style these days. They felt really comfortable for being an all black sock and wicked moisture away better than most other socks out on the market.

Sure, the Rock clothing is expensive, but your paying for total quality and style, while supporting an American pro team that is putting their money where their mouth and is supplying jobs in the US.

Please visit Rock Racing for more information on their top of the line clothing.